Natio Precision Tubing Mascara Black-Brown

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Natio Precision Tubing Mascara Black-Brown


A new generation tubing mascara formulation that wears all day without clumping, flaking or smudging. Featuring a precise slimline brush designed to grip and individually coat each and every lash - no matter how short.



How to Use:

Apply like a regular mascara. Hold the wand horizontally at the base of your lashes, then wiggle it back and forth to create thickness at the base of the lashes, before drawing it up and out to the tips. Apply one coat if you want a subtle look, or additional coats for more amplified volume, length and separation


How to remove: 

Tubing mascara requires no makeup remover, simply saturate a cotton pad with warm water and hold it against your lashes for 30 seconds.  Then gently wipe mascara off lashes.


About Natio: 

Natio combines the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil blends. The result is a plant based and easy-going beauty regime, offering you healthier, more radiant skin.