Growth Bomb Baby Hair Fly-Away Wand

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Growth Bomb Baby Hair Fly-Away Wand


Supports growth & flattens flyaways

Forget hairspray and pins – this leave-in formula nurtures the scalp and holds baby hairs firm. It takes the flight to flyaways when wearing your hair up, and it’s packed with goodness to support baby hair as it grows through to maturity. Use this pocket rocket primer to achieve the ultimate style and help baby hairs appear longer, fuller and stronger.


  • Four peptide formula for strength, length & volume
  • No nasties, and it won’t leave hair oily, hard or crunchy
  • Power wand applicator delivers serum with precision


How to Use:

This baby hair serum is a leave-in formula to slick down baby hairs at the start of your hairline. Ensure your hair is dry, then apply a small amount to problem flyaways after styling  top up whenever you need. This serum packs a punch, so you only need a small amount. Clean the applicator on the bottle rim to conserve your serum.


About Growth Bomb:

Growth Bomb combines the power of nature with science to create powerful products for better hair.